A Korean Soldier's Memoir

by Donald K. Chung M.D.

The Three Day Promise is an inspiring saga that traces the author’s life from his humble birth in Korea to his medical pre-eminence in the United States. Dr. Chung documents this half-century passage with powerful insights into Korea’s culture and vivid images of its people.

Dr. Chung affords an intimate understanding of the Korean War from his perspective as a soldier. The book deftly transcends a strict study of war by making it the context for examining human values. Out of love, the youthful Chung promises his mother to return from the war in three days. The war that separated his family and his country kept the vow from being realized for more than three decades.

Dr. Chung’s desire for reunion with his mother, reunification for Korea, and recognition for all veterans of this “forgotten war” is eloquently expressed in the book and its goal: He donated all profits to the Korean War Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, D.C. With a generous endorsement by Abigail Van Buren in her Dear Abby column and his own tireless promotion, Dr. Chung has given over $400,000 to the fund, its largest individual donation.

Donald K. Chung was born in 1932 in rural northeastern Korea. The author’s early medical training was interrupted by his involvement in the Korean War. Chung was one of the very few in his front-line combat unit to survive. Unable to rejoin his family in the north following the war, he stayed in Seoul to complete his medical degree magna cum laude. He then came to the United States for training in cardiology. He has authored a number of medical texts and articles.