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76 Hours
76 Hours: The Invasion of

Ace!: A Marine Night-Fighter
Pilot in World War II
Aces Against Germany
Aces Against Germany: The
American Aces Speak
Aces Against Japan
Aces Against Japan: The
American Aces Speak

Aces Against Japan II
Aces Against Japan II: The
American Aces Speak
Aces at War
Aces At War: The American
Aces Speak
Aces in Combat
Aces in Combat: The American
Aces Speak

Air Combat Annals
Air Combat Annals
Air War Europa
Air War Europa: Chronology
Air War Pacific
Air War Pacific Chronology

Always Faithful
Always Faithful: U.S. Marines in
World War II Combat,
The 100 Best Photos

Ambush Valley
Ambush Valley: I Corps,
Vietnam, 1967-The Story
of a Marine Infantry Battalion's
Battle for Survival

Bloody Tarawa
Bloody Tarawa

Carrier Clash
Carrier Clash: The Invasion
of Guadalcanal and the Battle
of the Eastern Solomons
August 1942

Carrier Strike
Carrier Strike: The Battle of
the Santa Cruz Islands,
October 1942

Chosin: Heroic Ordeal of
the Korean War

Coral and Blood
Coral and Blood: The U.S.
Marine Corps Pacific Campaign
Duel for the Golan
Duel for the Golan: The 100-Hour
Battle That Saved Israel
Fabled Fifteen
Fabled Fifteen: The Pacific War
Saga of Carrier Air Group 15

Fire in the Streets
Fire in the Streets: The Battle
for Hue, Tet 1968

First Across The Thine
First Across the Rhine: The
291st Engineer Combat
Battalion in France, Belgium,
and Germany

Going Downtown
Going Downtown:
The War Against Hanoi
and Washington

Guadalcanal: Decision at Sea
Guadalcanal: Decision at Sea,
the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal,
November 13-15, 1942

Guadalcanal: Starvation Island
Starvation Island
Khe Sanh
Khe Sanh: Siege in the Clouds,
An Oral History

Lima-6: A Marine Company
Commander in Vietnam

Marines In Combat
Marines in Combat
20 True Heroic Tales of U.S. Marines
at War- Volume 1: 1918-1955

Marines In Hue City
Marines In Hue City:
A Portrait of Urban Combat,
Tet 1968

Marines In the Marshalls
Marines In the Marianas
A Pictorial Record

Marines In the Marshalls
Marines In the Marianas
A Pictorial Record

Marines In the Marshalls
Marines In the Marshalls
A Pictorial Record

Marines in the Solomons
Marines In the Solomons
A Pictorial Record

Marines On Guadalcanal
Marines on Guadalcanal
A Pictorial Record

Marines On Iwo Jima - Volume 1
Marines on Iwo Jima
A Pictorial Record

Marines On Iwo Jima - Volume 2
Marines on Iwo Jima
A Pictorial Record

Marines On New Britain
Marines on New Britain
A Pictorial Record

Marines On Okinawa
Marines on Okinawa
A Pictorial Record

Marines On Peleliu
Marines on Peleliu
A Pictorial Record

Munda Trail
Munda Trail: The New Georgia
Campaign, June-August, 1943

Mustang Ace
Mustang Ace: Memoirs
of a P-51 Fighter Pilot

Shrapnel Wounds
Shrapnel Wounds:
An Infantry Lieutenant’s
Vietnam War Memoir

Six Days in June
Six Days in June: How Israel
Won the 1967 Arab-Israeli War
The First Hellcat Ace
The First Hellcat Ace!
The Forge
The Forge:The Decline and Rebirth
of the American Military

The Jolly Rogers
The Jolly Rogers: The Story of
Tom Blackburn and Navy Fighting
Squadron VF-17

The Road to Big Week
The Road to Big Week: The
Struggle for Daylight Air
Supremacy over Western Europe

The Root
The Root: The Marines in Beirut,
August 1982-February 1984
The Steel Wedge
The Steel Wedge
Three Day Promise
The Three Day Promise:
A Korean Soldier's Memoir

Three War Marine
Three-War Marine: The
Pacific Korea Vietnam